The CHK|Central Boathouse is one of the University of Central Oklahoma and the Oklahoma City metro's newest attractions, beautifully placed on the Oklahoma River in the Oklahoma City Boathouse District.

UCO prides itself on being the leading metropolitan university and aligning with the boathouse district and the arts movement in the metro was the perfect fit.

Built with the intention of supporting and housing the UCO Women’s Rowing Team, it has become so much more. It is "Where Art Meets the River," with the inclusion of an art gallery, a musical and live performance stage, an outside water stage, and private conference room. The disciplines of art and rowing are similar and portray everything that CHK|Central represents.

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The state-of-the-art facility houses numerous impressive pieces of art in the Martha Burger Art Gallery; can host a variety of artists, events and audiences in the MidFirst Performance Hall; and is home to the UCO Women's Rowing team.

The 18,000 sq. feet facility features offices, reception, concessions, green room, conference space, boat bay and erg space/team fitness space. The MidFirst Bank Water Stage is also located on the waterfront to the east of the facility.

The building was designed by Rand Elliott with Elliott & Associates with a focus of rhythm, flow and movement. The MidFirst Performance Hall is as unique as it gets, designed for the room to be tuned to different acoustics depending on the event.

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The Boathouse District

The Boathouse District is a unique destination for athletes, metro area families and visitors to Oklahoma City. Athletes look forward to rowing or paddling on the district’s world-class 4000m race and training course, while families and visitors can get on the water in a kayak or stand up paddle board, take a bike ride on the 13+ miles of trails or enjoy RIVERSPORT Adventures.

You are also invited to enjoy the art and architecture of the Boathouse District. The Compass Rose sculpture by internationally acclaimed artist Owen Morrell graces the entrance to the Boathouse District, and everyone appreciates the iconic architecture of the structures along the river, each designed by architect Rand Elliott, Elliott & Associates.  The new CHK|Central Boathouse includes a live music venue and an art gallery. Together, the architecture and athleticism of the Boathouse District are becoming recognized as a world-class destination by local and international visitors alike.